Welcome to Alpha Business School. We are an international School whose purpose is to deliver high quality, globally recognised UK qualifications to international students. We aim to offer the British learning experience to students from every corner of the world. Our vibrant, diverse student community provides a backdrop for an exciting and stimulating learning experience, which, we believe, will be a key element in the development of every student, both academically and personally and contribute to their future success.

At Alpha Business School we combine a respect for tradition and good old-fashioned British educational standards with a never ceasing search for new and exciting ways of educating, employing innovative methods and the best that modern technology has to offer.

Our London location places us within easy reach of Central London and beyond. Very efficient rail and bus networks make our school extremely accessible wherever you choose to travel to and from.

Mission and Objectives
To create and maintain a well resourced learning environment suitable for the delivery of teaching and the promotion of high quality learning in the 21st century.

To continuously improve the standards of teaching and learning and promote high expectations of both our staff and students.

To encourage creativity and innovation and to enable our students to benefit from the use of new technologies and methods.

To attract and retain high quality staff, committed to the delivery of high quality learning and results.

To provide quality education at an affordable price.

To offer qualification courses that will improve employment prospects.

Core Values
Delivering a value for money, high quality learning experience which embraces integrity, commitment, passion, innovation and respect is at the heart of everything we do for our students.

Student Life
The whole student experience matters very much to us, so we aim to provide an educational environment where students can not only learn but also grow and mature into well-rounded, knowledgeable, confident individuals. Careful thought and considerable planning, together with the allocation of significant resources, have gone into ensuring that your time at Alpha Business School is much more than studying and sitting exams.

Our Welfare Team is there to support you. They have a wide range of skills and professional experience and can offer sound, well-informed advice on literally any issue that is likely to arise in your time as a student.

Having a good time is also very, very important and we believe that a happy student is a productive student. Special provision has been made to ensure that we can offer great social opportunities for our students. We aim to give our students every encouragement and support to set up any societies / interest groups that they may wish to run.

Welfare Facilities & Extra-Mural Activities
Student welfare is a priority. A considerable amount of our resources has been earmarked to put in place facilities ensure that our students’ time with us is as problem-free and enjoyable as possible.

There is a dedicated senior staff member – the Student Welfare Officer – who, with his assigned staff members, will offer advice on such things as:

• Accommodation Issues
• Academic Issues Health Issues
• Employment Issues
• Registering with a Doctor or Dentist
• Opening a Bank Account

If the Student Welfare Officer or his staff cannot help you themselves, they will certainly be able to direct you to someone who will be able to assist you.

The Student Welfare Officer and his staff are also in overall charge of organising extra-mural activities for Alpha Business School’s students, although it is intended that the students themselves play a pivotal role in deciding how resources are directed in this key area of student life.

Suggestions for student clubs and societies include;- a Sports & Fitness Club, an Arts & Culture Society, a Literature & Theatre Society, a Tours & Travel Society, a Drama Society, a Dance & Music Club, a Film Club, a Photography Society, and a Quiz Team. Ultimately though, it will be up to the students to decide which clubs and societies they wish to set up and run.

It is intended that many of the School’s social events, trips and excursions, and activities should be organised in cooperation with one or more of the student societies and groups.